Beckett Ridge Improvement Application

When do you file an improvement application form?

An Improvement Application form must be submitted for any construction, addition or change to the exterior of your home or grounds. If in doubt about your particular project, contact Stonegate Property Management, Inc.

What is the purpose of the improvement application form?

The object of requiring a homeowner to file an improvement application with the Board is two fold:

  1. To ensure your planned improvement enhances the beauty and maintains the architectural harmony of the community and in no way inconveniences your fellow homeowners
  2. To enable the Board of Trustees to determine what information and assistance it can give in order to expedite completion of your improvement

Applications are reviewed monthly by the Beckett Ridge Board of Trustees.

Improvement applications submitted by homeowners that are delinquent with their assessment will not receive approval of their applications until the assessment is paid in full.

If you would like to fill out an online version of this form, please click here.

Click here to download the Improvement Application Form.

Submit applications to:
Stonegate Property Management, Inc.
C/O Beckett Ridge Association No. 1
431 Ohio Pike, Suite 210
Fax: (513) 528-5105 or Email: