About the HOA

Beckett Ridge is made up of 2,089 properties, 21 neighborhoods, 5 play and recreation areas, and 300 acres of beautiful, open common space! The homeowner’s association is what keeps it all looking great. Neighborhood entryways, common areas, playgrounds… all maintained through the careful planning and assignment of assessment dollars.

Beckett Ridge was formed as a planned unit development (PUD) in 1976. In fact, Beckett Ridge was the first PUD in Butler County. The Beckett Ridge development began in 1970 and the final phase was completed in 1992. The original annual dues were $85.00 and from day one there was a homeowner representative on the Board.

As the area now known as Beckett Ridge grew, the developers established several individual Associations along with various property and building restrictions covering over 47 plats including open space areas. Several years ago, the developers merged the two main Associations into one Master Association – the Beckett Ridge Homeowners Association No. 1.

The Beckett Ridge Homeowners Association No. 1 is a non-profit corporation formed in accordance with Ohio laws. Its primary function is to own, operate, and maintain the four Village Centers and Common Open Space Areas owned by the Association. All property owners in Beckett Ridge belong to the Beckett Ridge Homeowners Association No. 1, whether they own a single-family home, or one of the condominiums located within Beckett Ridge. Condominium owners are responsible for two association fees: 1) the annual fee to Beckett Ridge and 2) the monthly fee to their condominium association. Beckett Ridge residents have no responsibility regarding the Beckett Ridge Country Club and its facilities. The Club’s operating expenses are paid by the Country Club not the Beckett Ridge HOA.

The Beckett Ridge Homeowners Association is administered by a seven member Board of Trustees, elected from the resident members of the Association at the annual owners’ meeting held in the spring. These Trustees are responsible for contracting the maintenance and other services necessary to operate the Association and to protect the value of the property. Each year they meet to approve an operating budget and determine the amount of the annual assessment. Board meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at the Tri-County Baptist Church or via Zoom.