Beckett Ridge Violation Report Form

The Beckett Ridge Board of Directors determined it will investigate or follow up only upon signed, written reports of possible violations of the covenants and restrictions. The Board will not respond to phone calls or anonymous reports. It is the Board’s intention that these reports are deemed confidential. The information provided and your name will not be disclosed except as required by law. The Board will review this information and determine in its discretion whether or not a violation exists. You may choose to be notified of the Board’s decision if you wish. Any notification to you would be confidential as a courtesy to you.

The Association intends to enforce the covenants and restrictions in order to keep Beckett Ridge as one of West Chester’s premier communities. Thank you for your interest and cooperation in this endeavor.

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You may deliver this notice to the Association’s Managing Agent, Stonegate Property Management, Inc. by mail, or electronic transmission as follows:

Mail to:
Beckett Ridge Association No. 1
C/O Stonegate Property Management, Inc.
431 Ohio Pike, Suite 210
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Email to: 
Stonegate Property Management, Inc.