Beckett Ridge Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beckett Ridge Association?

The Beckett Ridge Association is a non-profit corporation formed in accordance with Ohio laws. Its primary function is to own, operate and maintain the Common Open Space Areas.

Who belongs to the Beckett Ridge Association?

The Beckett Ridge Association has 2,089 members. This number includes all Owners who live in the single-family homes as well as those Owners who live in the six (6) sub-Associations who are also part of the Beckett Ridge Association.

What are the sub-Associations?

The sub-Associations include Mill Creek and Deer Run; Shephard’s Farm I and II; The Meadows and Villages at Beckett Ridge.

Do Owners who live in the sub-Associations have to pay a fee to Beckett Ridge?

Yes. Each Owner who lives in a sub-Association is responsible to pay the annual Beckett Ridge assessment as well as any assessment owed to their sub-association.

Is the Beckett Ridge Golf Course/Country Club part of the Beckett Ridge Association?

No. The BR Golf Course/Country Club is a separate entity with no affiliation with the Beckett Ridge Association. No Association money is used to maintain the golf course or the country club facilities.

How is the Beckett Ridge Association governed?

The Association is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees. Each Trustee is a member of the Association and is elected to the Board by the Association’s membership. Board terms are for two years and open Board positions are filled each year at the Annual Meeting.

Who is eligible to serve on the Beckett Ridge Board?

Any Owner who lives at Beckett Ridge can run for the Board. This includes Owners who live in one of the six sub-Associations.

What does the Beckett Ridge Board do?

The Board is responsible for administering the Association’s rules and policies; maintaining the Association’s common areas such as the Village Centers (playgrounds), Boulevard walking path, landscaping, lighting and irrigation; preparing the Association’s annual budget, and determining the annual Association fee.

When does the Beckett Ridge Board meet?

The Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 6:30 pm, via Zoom.  The Annual Meeting is held in person.

When is the annual Beckett Ridge owners’ meeting?

The annual meeting is held the third Tuesday of April. Two notices are sent to Owners prior to the meeting. Owners are encouraged to participate by running for an open Board position or voting for a candidate in person, by ballot or by proxy.

Is a quorum necessary at the annual meeting?

Yes. In order for official business to be conducted at the annual meeting, a quorum of the entire membership is required. The quorum number needed is 313 Beckett Ridge Owners. The quorum is determined by in-person attendance at the annual meeting or pre-submitted proxies.

If no quorum is established, what happens?

Without a quorum, no official business can be conducted. Open Board positions cannot be filled via an election so vacancies are filled via appointment by a majority vote of the existing Board members.

Are the streets in Beckett Ridge the responsibility of the Association?

No. The Association has no jurisdiction over the streets in Beckett Ridge. Concerns about road maintenance (including snow removal) should be directed to the West Chester Roads Department at (513) 777-8765. Concerns about speeding, on-street parking of commercial vehicles, trailers or disabled vehicles should be directed to the West Chester Traffic Safety Division at (513) 759-7283.

I have a complaint about my neighbor. What should I do?

The Association does not get involved in neighbor-to-neighbor issues. If your neighbor is doing something you don’t like, the best thing to do is to TALK to your neighbor.

I want to report a possible Association rules violation. What should I do?

The Association will not act on any anonymous violations report, including voice mail messages. All violation reports must be submitted via the Association’s Violation Report Form. The PDF form can be downloaded from the Association’s website. If the complaint is a valid rules violation, the Association will send the appropriate violation correspondence to the Owner.

I want to install a split-rail fence around my yard. Do I need permission since I see other similar fences in Beckett Ridge?

Yes you do need permission (approval) from the Beckett Ridge Association before you make any exterior improvement to your home, including installation of a fence. Approval is obtained via submission of the Improvement Application Form. The PDF form can be downloaded from the Association’s website. Make sure you fill out the form completely and you include a plat map of your Lot. Incomplete forms will be returned to the Owner and will not be considered until the application is complete. Completed applications are to be sent to Stonegate Property Management, Inc. by the first of each month. Submissions can be made via mail, fax or email as shown on the form.

When will my Application be reviewed and when can I expect a decision?

Applications are initially submitted to the Beckett Ridge Architectural Control Committee by Stonegate Property Management, Inc. The Committee will review each Application and make a recommendation to the Board to either accept or deny the Application. At their monthly meeting, the Board will review each Application and make the final decision to either accept or deny the Application. Stonegate Property Management, Inc. will notify the Owner of the Board’s decision.

How long do I have to complete my project?

You have one year from the date of the Application submission to complete your project.

When is my annual Beckett Ridge assessment due?

The annual assessment is always due on January 31st. Your account is considered paid when your payment is POSTED to your Beckett Ridge account. Please allow enough time for your payment to post to your account.

What if I cannot pay my Beckett Ridge assessment?

If you cannot pay your assessment, please contact Stonegate Property Management, Inc. to make arrangements for a payment plan.

Why was I charged a late fee when I paid my assessment?

If your payment was POSTED to your Beckett Ridge account after the due date, a $50 late fee will be assessed per the Beckett Ridge Collection Policy.

If you were charged a late fee and you chose to ignore the late fee when you paid your Beckett Ridge account, the previously assessed late fee will be paid first from your payment and the remaining monies will be then be applied to your Beckett Ridge account. In other words unless you pay the late fee, your account will continue to show a past due amount and another late fee can be charged per the Beckett Ridge Collection Policy.

How does the Beckett Ridge Association handle delinquent accounts?

The Association follows the Beckett Ridge Collection Policy for delinquent accounts. This includes adding late fees on any unpaid Beckett Ridge account. Delinquent accounts older than 120 days can be subject to additional collection actions including use of a collection agency, Small Claims Court, filing of a lien or foreclosure action.